2.1. Search

Search/Respondents is a tab located under the Launch tab. Here you are able to search for all the contacts that you have launched your survey to. The search function shows all relevant parameters. 

1. To do a search, enter your search criteria and press the search button, under the search menu.

2. You now have an overview of the respondents that fit the criteria you searched for.

3. The icon allows you to answer the survey for your respondent. This is useful when:

  • Your respondent has filled out the survey but forgot to click on the finish button. When this happens the system does not register this respondent as having completed the survey and therefore you can click the finish button for them.
  • You have conducted paper or telephone interviews and you have to fill in your respondents answers.

4. The  icon allows you to change several background information on your respondent. The most common use is to correct the email address.

5. The  icon allows you to download a report on the specified respondent.


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