We use TDC as host for our mail server, which means that all mails sent via Enalyzer are sent through TDC. This may result in your company’s spam filter not allowing you to receive these mailings. If you experience this, you need a so-called ‘whitelisting’, which automatically approves mails sent from the same server through companies other than Enalyzer.

The IP address we use to send mails is: mailrelay01.tdchosting.dk

Your IT department can arrange your internal settings so that all mail sent from the IP address is approved and does not end up as spam.

If your IT department is in doubt about how to whitelist the specified IP address, they are welcome to contact our technical support at (+45) 70107006 or submit a ticket.

If you ever experience a problem after a whitelisting, please let us know and we will forward the problem to TDC.

Note: We have changed the IP address, so if you have whitelisted our address in the past, make sure you have the correct one. 


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