Physical security

✓ISO certified outsourced solution at TDC Hosting

✓Fully redundant systems

✓Guaranteed uptime 99,8%

✓Daily and monthly back up of all data, exported to separate locations

✓Best in class firewalling, cooling and power supplies

✓Restricted access for authenticated personnel only

✓Substantial protection measures against burglary

✓System security monitoring 24x7x365

Software security

✓Login authentication via security server

✓Encryption on login and password

✓Encryption on data collection and reporting

✓Logging of user sessions

Internal security

✓Access to server environment only by authenticated personnel and from Enalyzer HQ

✓Support access to accounts only by user approval

✓Enalyzer is registered at the Danish Data Protection Agency

Third party approvals

✓PwC audits TDC hosting

✓TDC hosting center is ISO certified

✓External Application Security test 

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