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Managed Hosting

Enalyzer systems are hosted and operated (managed hosting) by TDC Hosting A/S, which is an independent subsidiary of TDC Group. TDC is the largest tele company in Denmark with a strong pan Nordic presence and an approximate turnover on 3.5 billion Euro in 2012.

They have 18 data centers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland at their disposal, which are ISO certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

Enalyzers equipment is placed in one of TDC Hosting's Danish data centers. Data centers are located in Aarhus and Copenhagen, the two largest cities in Denmark.

All data centers’ common infrastructure devices are designed with fully redundant systems where each system has individual backup. Network Connections from data centers are also fully redundant.

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Access control

TDC Hosting's data centers are shell secured and the data centers’ exterior walls, doors and windows are thus secured against burglary and fire. All external doors are made of steel, with steel bulkheads in front of all windows located on the ground floor. All data centers are equipped with sensors to detect break-ins and burglary attempts. Mounted opening switches on all doors and windows, as well as “shake switches” on ventilations, windows and doors are installed together with motion sensors that cover walkways in the office. TDC Hosting is under constant surveillance by security cameras outside the entrance doors and inside with extra cameras in selected rooms.

The installed access control system ensures that it is only possible to enter the data centers using access cards and a personal code. Doors require signing a logbook when entering and exiting the room, restricting excess.

Only a small pre-approved group of Enalyzer employees, can access the datacenters after contacting TDC Hosting, and by being accompanied by a TDC Hosting employee.

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All electrical installations at TDC Hosting are set up in accordance with applicable international rules based on the so-called N +1 solution. This includes backup batteries and reserve power systems (diesel generators). In other words, the available power backup systems are capable of delivering sufficient power to keep the systems running. Diesel generators can provide power to TDC Hosting for 3 days at no extra filling of oil.

Battery systems are checked every six months and diesel generators are tested at least 3 times a year. Enalyzer’s equipment is connected to two separate fuse groups. The floors in data centers are equipped with an anti-static coating and grounding.

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TDC Hosting refrigeration system is also built in accordance with the N +1 model. The installed cooling unit is capable of providing all the necessary cooling in order to fully utilize power capacity. The climate control system ensures that the temperature in TDC Hosting’s data centers is at a Best Practice for Telco/IT industry level.

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Data centers are equipped with sensitive fire alarm systems consisting of sniffing plants and ion detectors. In order to extinguish fires, so-called Inergen systems are installed. Lightning protection systems with earthing are checked every five years. The fire fighting system’s alarms are directly linked to the fire department. Alarms from fire detectors, access control and building management systems are directed to a central operating and monitoring center within TDC while an SMS can also be sent to selected individuals in TDC.

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TDC Hosting carries out 24x7 monitoring of the entire system. TDC Hosting uses a variety of tools that are tailored to monitor separate system areas. TDC Hosting does surveillance on all system levels, from networks to response times on selected applications. 

Additionally all Enalyzer applications are monitored for performance and uptime through an external service provider

All production servers are equipped with a monitoring agent that monitors error messages in various logs, and also collects performance numbers and messages from the hardware, for example SNMP traps. Additionally, CPU load, RAM usage, disk load and I/O load are monitored. Furthermore, constant surveillance is carried out to prevent hardware failure.

Storage systems are monitored for capacity and performance management. This ensures sufficient storage is available and the performance is optimal at any time.

SAN, LAN and WAN networks are monitored for bandwidth usage and error conditions, such as line breakage.

Middleware components are monitored for ongoing services and availability. Irregularities are addressed immediately and reported to the Service Desk. Monitoring is set up in close cooperation with Enalyzer. For databases, monitoring is carried out on log files for errors and necessary services, capacity degrees in table spaces available “undo space” and backup logs. The measurements are collected and stored continuously so that a history analysis and trend analysis is possible. The historical data and trend analysis forms the subsequent basis for making the surveillance proactive.

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Access from the Internet to the production environment is protected by firewalls. The advanced firewall protects against attacks on three different layers. (1) the network layer, where it protects against IP spoofing and various IP Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, (2) the transport layer, where participants are checked for appropriate TCP flags and blocking of unknown protocols, and (3) the application layer, where among other things it checks if the content of the traffic corresponds to what is expected for several protocols. Firewalls are configured so that maintenance can be performed without affecting availability, as well as automatic failover in the event of a failure of the one component.

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Enalyzer’s server set up in the datacenter

The servers operate with full redundancy and are updated by TDC on a continuous basis according to best practice in the market. The servers have direct access to the internet backbone.

Middleware operations & patch management Operating systems and server applications are managed by TDC Hosting.

Patch updates for operating systems, firewalls, etc. are handled by TDC Hosting. TDC Hosting ensures that all hardware is included in the solution, and wherever possible is updated with the latest security updates. Security Updates are assessed by threat level and approved by Enalyzer before being implemented on the servers. Emergency and other important updates can be performed by TDC Hosting without consulting Enalyzer beforehand.

Scheduled updates will be communicated to Enalyzer’s customers up to 1 week prior. Scheduled updates are usually performed from 22:00 to 06:00. At each scheduled update set, an update plan that describes all part of the update and any rollback scenarios will be provided. Typically updates are done swiftly without any implications for the users.

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Server up time

Enalyzer guarantees through its agreement with TDC Hosting an uptime of 99.8%.

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Backup and restore

TDC Hosting handles backup and restore of all operating servers. The agreement with Enalyzer includes hardware, basic backup agents for OS and Middleware, as well as all operational services for backup and restore. Backups are exported to a backup system that is physically separated from data centers. TDC Hosting back-up to disks as disk-based backups provide faster restoring than similar, tape-based solutions.

Backups are done in accordance with the guidelines of TDC Hosting.

Once an hour a differential backup is taken. Once a day a full backup is taken. Once a month a full backup is stored on a separate location.
Data on terminated license accounts is deleted after 6 months. The customer is given a prior notice in order to be able to export the data.

Server Load Balancing (SLB) consists of fully redundant web switches, that balance internet-users traffic versus Enalyzers pool of available web servers, based on various load balancing algorithms.

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