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Enalyzer’s servers can only be accessed from Enalyzer’s headquarters. This means, it is not possible to log on to the servers from i.e. a home work station, or i.e. a laptop in a cafe. This extra safeguard guarantees against any lapses in log-on security. The surveys themselves can of course be answered from any electronic unit with internet connection, regardless of location.

Only persons authorized by Enalyzers IT-manager can access the servers via a unique personal login.

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Data Protection Act

The Danish Data Protection Act applies to the relation between the customer and Enalyzer. The customer's use of the service implies that Enalyzer will be processing data, including personal information, belonging to the customer. Consequently, the agreement between Enalyzer and the customer constitutes a data processing agreement with Enalyzer as the data processer and the customer as the data controller. Both Enalyzer and the customer are obligated to follow the provisions of the Danish Data Protection Act, and further the customer may be obligated to abide by other data protection provisions in force in the Territory or Territories from which the customer has collected personal data.

As stated in the agreement with the customer, Enalyzer shall use and process the customer's data only in accordance with the customer's instructions with the exceptions stated in the said agreement. Enalyzer has, as the data processor, taken technical and organizational security measures as described in the present document to secure that the data is not by accident or illegally destroyed, lost or impaired, that the data shall not become known by any unauthorized third person, is misused or is in any other way used in contravention of the Danish Data Protection Act.

Enalyzer hereby states that the data may be processed by the use of home offices.

Enalyzer is registered with the Danish Data Protection Agency as a computer service agency.

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