Create a report


Watch tutorial on how to create and customize reports

1. Log into you're Enalyzer account, select Reports, and click on the + icon.

2. Select the survey you will report on. Please note that your report will be based on the survey you choose and more surveys cannot be added to the report. You have now created a report.



Once you've created you report, start adding your charts.

Manually: To add your charts manually click on Add charts. Learn more about charts.
Automatically: Click on or let us add them for you… and the system will automatically add charts to your report.


Customize & Design

To finalize your report customize and design it by:


Share & Download

Click on the [...] icon, Settings, and click OK

Share the link to the relevant parties. You can secure your report with a password and unshare it whenever you want. Learn more here.

You can also download your report to PDFPowerPoint, and Excel.


And more...

Make your report dynamic and professional by adding filters, benchmarks and working with variables.

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