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Login safety

Enalyzer systems are delivered as SaaS systems and can be accessed through any modern web browser. All users have separate usernames and passwords. Authentication is done via a central security server ("single sign-on server") that makes it possible to use the same credentials for all Enalyzer systems. The security server is located behind a firewall so that only Enalyzer systems can communicate with it.

Multiple failed login attempts from the same user is blocked.

Multiple failed login attempts from the same IP address, enhances the security process by using capture security technology.

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All login and password information to the application is encrypted and stored as hash values.

All administrator actions within the application are encrypted. Data collected from respondents is by default encrypted.

Communication to the application from Enalyzer system administrators and developers are encrypted using VPN.

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On the servers, logging is done on all internet traffic. All operations can be identified by a security token that can be traced back to the individual user. For applications, Logging is done on all critical operations. Each log contains information about who did what and when. The log is available to the systems administrative users.

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Enalyzer support can only access an Enalyzer user account by approval from the user.

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