Use data series to create benchmarks

Benchmarks gives you an easy way to compare your results across departments, countries, years, and other variables, giving your results context and letting know where your organization stands.

With the data series functions, you create your own benchmarks, giving you full control over the benchmarking process.

To create benchmarks with Enalyzer, you have to use data series.The data series function allows you to create benchmarks.

Create data series

For this example, we will compare the motivation and satisfaction across the 4 business divisions; North, South, West, and East.

1. Click the […] icon and select Data series.

2. Click on the + icon to create a data serie.

3. Click on the data series and click Edit.

4. Click Add filter.

5. Select the variable to add to your data serie. For this example, we chose Business division.

6. By clicking Yes, you can allow readers access to your filter selections, which allows them to disable/enable data series. By clicking No, your data series cannot be disabled/enabled by readers.

7. Choose the filter selection(s) to include in your data series and click Save. We chose East.

Customize data series

8. Finish customizing the data serie by editing the following:

Name: Edit the name of the data series. We have called it Eastern division.

Color: Select the color of your data series. The data series will have the same color throughout the report. If you create another data serie, it will take on the next available color.

Ignore report and chart filters: Enable this option if you want the data series to ignore report and chart filters.

Data: Choose the filter your data series will include. You can add as many as you need.

9. Repeat steps 1 - 8 to create data series for the other business divisions.

Benchmark charts

10. To benchmark you charts, go to the chart you want to benchmark, click the  icon, and Data series.

11. Select data series for your chart. The total is already selected. For this example, we will choose all of the data series, including the total and click Save.

12. You have created your benchmark! We can now see what divisions we need to focus on when it comes to motivation and satisfaction, and what divisions we can learn from.

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