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Support vouchers

All users start with 8 support vouchers. If you are not sure how many support vouchers you have left or if you want to buy more, please contact us.

One support voucher is worth 15 minutes of Enalyzer Support and they never expire, therefore you can get value for money by purchasing our support voucher packages.

Support voucher
(2 hours)
250 2.000 2.500 2.500
Support voucher
(5 hours)
500  4.000  5.000 5.000


Other services

If you need to set up a simple survey, a design template or make a standard report and don’t have the time, we can set it up for you. The price per commenced hour is EUR 150, therefore the exact price is dependent on the time the task takes to complete. Please contact us to get a price estimate for your project.

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