Add numerical questions to reports

Numerical questions are not automatically added to reports, instead, they need to be added manually.

To illustrate, we'll use the following example:

The minimum value chosen was 0 and maximum 50.

Step 1 - Create a new variable view

The first step is to group the values within the range you chose, in this case, 0 - 50 into categories. 

  1. Go to your report, click the [...] and select variables.
  2. Click on the variable that corresponds to your numerical question and select add variable view.
  3. Name your variable view.
  4. To define your categories, click on categories. For this example, how long (years) have you been working in this company?, we want to define six different groups, which means we have to create a category for each group.
    • Less than 1 year
    • Between 1 and 5 years
    • Between 6 and 15 years
    • Between 16 and 25 years
    • More than 25 years
    • 50 years
  5. Click on the icon to define the categories for this variable view. 
  6. To add the less than 1 year category, select less than <, write 1 in the input field and click next.
  7. Name the category, for this example we will name it less than 1 year and click save.
  8. For this example, the finished product looks as follows:
  9. Remember that you can create as many categories as you wish and as many variable views as you need.

Step 2 - Add your chart

Now that you have created your variable view, you can add charts based on it.

  1. Go to your report and click the + icon.
  2. Select between frequency or comparison, depending on your reporting needs.
  3. When selecting the variables for your chart, you can select the variable view you have just created. If you have created several variable views on the same variable, click on the arrow corresponding the variable and you will be able to see the list of variable views you have created.
  4. When you have chosen your variable(s), click add.
  5. You should be able to see your brand new chart showing how many respondents belong to each of the categories previously defined.


This is not applicable to Matrix Numerical.

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