Using Enalyzer with PanelClix

Enalyzer can easily be integrated with panels so you can get all the answers to your survey you need.

The individuals that panel companies recruit are often rewarded for completing surveys, either with cash incentives or other rewards. Therefore, PanelClix needs to know if a respondent has completed the survey, or has been screened out because they didn't fit the specific target group.

The way panels work is that background variables need to be added that identifies the respondent going to and coming from Enalyzer to PanelClix. The way this is done is that parameters are added to the URL. These parameters need to be saved as background variables in Enalyzer for Enalyzer to recognize and interpret the parameters.

PanelClix is a special case, as one of the parameters they use is the same as the one that is used by Enalyzer, 'Pid' - which stands for Project ID. Since Enalyzer and PanelClix generate different data for the same variable, it leads the URL to fail. Therefore, we've built a solution by redirecting respondents to a page between finishing off the survey and going to PanelClix's page. 

What do you need to do?

  1. You need to add two text elements that are marked as "final element in the survey". The first one is a screenout page, that respondents who do not fit the target group are redirected to. In the beginning of the survey, you ask if they fit this group. If the answer is no, add a Jump that redirects them to text element A. Here the landing page is:
  2. If the respondent fits the target group, then they are directed through the survey as intended and end up on End page B. Here the landing page should be:

In both cases, the respondent is redirected over another page to end up on a PanelClix page. This middle page transforms Enalyzer's Pid parameter into one that PanelClix can read.

More information on how to add background variables to a link launch can be found here: Advanced settings - OPT values

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